Creatura Ltd: Company Profile

Creatura Ltd: Championing the diversity of life, mind and society within a healthy biosphere


Creatura Ltd was founded by Dr Julian Caldecott as a vehicle for his and others’ work on biosphere maintenance and restoration.  The company inherits the experience and professional contacts that Julian has built up over decades of applied ecological research, conservation and environmental consultancy across the world (curriculum vitae).  This work has mainly focused on developing policy and practice on climate change mitigation (e.g. reduced GHG emissions from ecosystem degradation), climate change adaptation (e.g. early warning of hazards, disaster risk reduction, environmental and livelihood security), the wise use of ecosystem resources and wastes (working with businesses, communities, governments and other institutions), and on reducing biodiversity loss (through investment in support of local initiatives).

In 2010-2018, Creatura Ltd provided Julian as team/technical lead in these major projects:

  • Third evaluation of the Indonesia-Norway REDD+ Partnership (in association with LTS International of Edinburgh).
  • Final evaluation of the Danish government’s 25-year partnership with Nepal (in association with FCG Consulting of Helsinki).
  • Second Program Evaluation of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility, a financing mechanism for building national capacity to mitigate climate change through REDD+ (in association with Indufor or Helsinki).
  • Effectiveness Assessment of the Swiss Climate Change Development Portfolio (in association with Gaia Consulting of Helsinki).
  • Strategic, holistic and forward-looking evaluations of the Finnish government’s long-term aid programmes in Nepal, Nicaragua and Tanzania (in association with Agrer of Brussels).
  • The first (2011) and second (2013) independent evaluations of the Indonesia-Norway REDD+ Partnership (in association with Gaia Consulting of Helsinki).
  • Synthesis evaluation of sustainability in the Finnish government’s international programme of development cooperation (in association with Gaia Consulting of Helsinki).
  • Formulation of a climate change cooperation programme for the EU and Indonesia (in association with Agreco of Brussels).

Company name.  The word creatura is from the Latin root that means ‘produce’ or ‘create’ and that gives us ‘creature’ in English.  Building on the psychological theories of Carl Jung, the ecologist and philosopher Gregory Bateson divided the Universe into the Pleroma (the non-living world of undifferentiated and inanimate matter) and the Creatura (the living world of change, perceptual difference, distinction and information).  Thus Creatura stands for ‘the dynamic diversity of life, mind and society’ – a suitable name for a company that aims to preserve biological and cultural diversity through education and knowledge management in the context of good governance. 

Company data. Creatura Ltd Company Number:  06973057 (Registered in England and Wales).  Director: Dr Julian Caldecott (contact).