An ecologist on a mission

Director of Creatura Ltd, a company that champions the diversity of life, mind and society in a protected and restored biosphere, I'm a scientist, consultant, writer and speaker who's spent more than 20 years promoting biodiversity conservation and environmental sustainability around the world (download my curriculum vitae).  I believe that through education, knowledge-sharing and action, we can all help to reduce the damage that we are doing to the biosphere - the thin skin of life on Earth - which now threatens us with an all-pervasive crisis of sustainability.  Bearded pigs, monkeys, great apes, elephants and rhinos ... rain forests, coral reefs and mangroves ... indigenous peoples, traditional knowledge and bioprospecting ... national parks, wildlife management and biosphere reserves ... disaster risk, ecosystem restoration and climate change adaptation: I've worked on all these and more, during years in Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Nigeria, and many months elsewhere in the tropics, from Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guyana to China, Bangladesh, Thailand and the Philippines.

I write on these diverse subjects and places, for example on rainforest monkeys, hunting in Sarawak, designing conservation projects, good governance for the environment, ecology of the oceans, and conserving the great apes.  My latest book looks at the ecology of the global water crisis, at a time when a billion people or more are without safe, fresh water, and countries everywhere are under water stress due to mismanagement of ecosystems and the pervasive effects of climate change.  I also do public speaking, with 'keynotes' on water (try living without it!), biodiversity (what mass extinction means for you), carbon (the element of life and death), population (can't we even talk about it?), and investing for sustainability (challenge and opportunity in environmental change), as well as 'after-dinner' entertainments drawing on a life amongst the wildlife and peoples of the tropics, while on the front line of global conservation.  You can view sample videos on the global water crisis and Indonesian deforestation and climate change, listen to a sample BBC Radio 4 'You & Yours' interview on water footprints, and see a CNBC interview on the global water crisis.  This site is a place to share knowledge on how to make a difference.

Polar bears

Climate change - adaptation and mitigation

As the world talks about taking action, ecosystems and ecological insights offer ways to help us reduce and adapt to the most serious challenge to our common future.

Biodiversity conservation

Sumatran Orangutans may soon be extinct in the wild, one of tens of thousands of wild species that are now falling towards extinction.

Ecosystem Integrity

Restoring ecosystem integrity

Encouraging and enabling local people to protect their own environments helps save lives and cultures, and the living world.

Amazon rainforest

Water: the facts and the fiction

Droughts, floods and water restrictions - do we just take what global warming has to offer, or could we do far more?

Some of my books:

Water: causes, costs and future of a global crisis    Designing Conservation Projects